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22/06/2011 / Pedanto

The Health Ranger rides again

So Mike Adams reports that Vitamin B-12 deficiency is a big problem.

In fact he quotes that “Studies now show that up to 40% of the population may be deficient in vitamin B-12 (…).


Oooooops! Someone’s triggered my bullshit detector! Did anyone feel like clicking on that link? As a long time Mike Adams reader (or at least having read a lot of Mike Adams in a short amount of time – usually when I don’t want to read any more of A Song of Fire and Ice but still need some fantasy in my life) I realised it’s quite rare to see a link or citation on his site. After all that might bring some evidence to the party, which would alienate all the conspiracy theorists, making another very lonely birthday for Mike Adams, after all his dad was never around for any of them. So I decided if to click to see if I could find the original study that gave this figure. I could not. What I was presented with was a report on a study relating to elderly patients who were not Vitamin B-12 deficient. It did however have a line concerning Mike’s claim and confirmed it.

However this was a report from the BBC news website and not a scientific journal. Now anyone who clicks on my links (which is very few of you according to my stats) realises I don’t often go so far as to find papers describing double blinded placebo control trials to give as evidence. In fact I almost universally use Wikipedia, which may not be the most reliable resource out there. However I am not a journalist, or attempting to advise my readership. A little giggle at some petty, snide remark I make from one of you will be enough to get me to sleep at night with a slightly larger ego. Mike Adams on the other hand presents him as the paragon of virtue who is fighting THE MAN for you. Perhaps he should be going to that little bit more effort to find the original evidence.

The Data – sort of

So where had this number come from? Well it seems our intrepid BBC reporter had read my blog and noticed how many spelling mitsakes and some much poor grammar there are and thought “Yeah – this guy knows what he’s doing, and hell if it gets him a readership in the tens of people that’s good enough for science reporting from the BBC! After all the day the human genome project was completed we did promote over one third of the Ten O’Clock News to David Beckhams cornrows, and only a measly 2 minutes to some awesome research (I‘m still pissed off about that and it’s been 8 years!!). Wikipedia it is then!

So I decided to track down this illusive, original, 40% citing source….and came up empty. Well emptyish – I know the paper exists, I know it was produced by the US Department of Agriculture (surely not an organisation that Mike Adams would trust), I just can’t read it, the interweb won’t allow it. It’s always a bitch not being able to read a paper, because you are then expected to take its results at face value; without knowing anything about the process, limitations or bias of the study. It’s almost poetic in its irony (check me out being all pretentious!) that Mike Adams, the man who harps on about THE BLIND MASSES is happy not to question a number presented to him in the mainstream media, which was originally taken from a paper written for a US government organisation. What a pillock!

What is even more delicious is that he links to this BBC article twice, within 12 lines of the previous link. Now that’s just plain lazy.

Right so I’ve written up to here without actually reading the whole Mike Adams article so while you wait for me to do this (I assume all my readers can look at this in realtime – that is how the internet works right?) please click below


Here Comes the Science Bit

Mike Adams reports : “This leads to a series of seemingly “mystery” health symptoms that actually have a simple common cause: Vitamin B-12 deficiency!” and here are some of those difficult to diagnose signs and symptoms:

* Chest pain or shortness of breath
* Fatigue or unexplained weakness
* Dizziness, trouble with balance, and fainting
* Confusion, memory loss or dementia
* Coldness, numbness or tingling in the hands and feet
* Slow reflexes or diminished nervous system function
* Pale skin or yellowing of the skin
* Sore mouth and tongue

……now all you medical students out there who love all these little diagnostic puzzles let’s get on the diagnosis train. CHOOOO CHOOO!


Oh wait, yeh its pernicious anaemia isn’t it. Right…that was easy! Not a mystery at all then.
But wait if it’s not a difficult thing to diagnose or treat then what’s the reason for this article?

Better get back to the natural news page and check

Scrolling down

Scrolling down



Ah. Right. Yes. It’s the fact that there’s poison in Vitamins supplied by BIG PHARMA but not in the stuff in the Natural News store. That is so nice of Mike Adams. He comes and educates you (or blinds you with science – your choice really depending on whether you’ve taken a biomedical degree) and then he gives you the option to get 1666% of your RDA of B-12 from a patch.

Wait though Mike – I’m not exactly familiar with the internet, could you please give me a link to where to buy them? Oh, you sell them yourself do you? And you’re having a sale? How lucky for me! I was feeling a little non-specific unwellness coming on and I really need far too much of a specific compound to put me to rights!

I mean thank fuck it’s natural!

This ain’t no grassroots thing! Mike Adams is Big Pharma, just with a slightly different slant.

Here’s your funnys

Here’s a nice little video from one of the guys from “Skeptics with a K” which I certainly recommend you have a look at on iTunes

and of course nothing would be complete without Messrs Mitchell and Webb


1. Go on you know you want to sponsor me for the Great North Run – MacMillan Cancer Support is a pretty good charity (I’m not sure anyone questions their ethics)

2. Don’t be a twat


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